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Tainan Machine Show- HONLIH Quality Cutting Fluid

Commercial Times 2016/03/14 04:09 Guo Wen-Zheng


Taiwan HONLIH fluid manufacturing has its own brand of metal working cutting fluid in Taiwan. Founded in 1995, persisting in the entrepreneurial spirit of Sincere, trust, Innovation and Progressiveness, HONLIH has been dedicating efforts in research, development and manufacturing of water-based cutting fluid in the past 20 years.

Facing the competition of makers in Europe, USA and Japan as well as local manufacturers, with the manufacturing edge of Innovative Techniques and Knowhow, HONLIH can increase market share of cutting fluid in Taiwan. Through the participation of trade shows, HONLIH takes the advantages to introduce the characteristics of company products, for example HONLIH attended 2016 Tainan Automation Machinery Exhibition this year. (A062)

Brand Superintendent of HONLIH indicated, the new plant in Yungkang Technology Park, inaugurated in 2015, is equipped with the top caliber automatic process equipment and imported quality inspection instrument and has attract worldwide renowned groups for OEM blending. At the same time, HONLIH is energetically building MIT cutting fluid brand. So far, high level applied technological material of Germany and USA are introduced and has successfully developed high hard water resistance, high extreme pressure resistance, high lubricating and low bubble generating” new biological steady new products and greatly increase the efficiency of conventional semi-synthetic fluid and reduced the hazard of disinfectant to human body. HONLIH is leading the new trend in the development of water-based cutting fluid. HONLIH is doing its best and is catching up global quality standard for metal working fluid.  

Brand Superintendent further stated that the attending the automation machinery show of this year is the most sizable and most authoritative trade show of machine tools in southern Taiwan for years, and it attracted large number of machine tool builder and distributors and it is very effective for promoting the cutting fluid of HONLIH. He expressed very earnest welcome to visit their booth in the show.

This article quoted from e-paper of Commercial Times.