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Metal Working Fluid – Oil –Based Metal Working Fluid

Oil–based metal working fluid

Since the metal working conditions are different, such as friction condition, working speed and material…, the metal working fluid are not all the same. Oil-based metal working fluid is basically comprised of Base Oil and non-water soluble additives. The cutting lubrication and extreme pressure and rust-proof property is better than water-based metal working fluid and is specially recommended in work piece difficult to work, which can reduce the wear and tear of tool greatly.


Product Recommendation

High quality active extreme pressure heavy load metal cutting and broaching fluid has excellent cooling, lubricating and debris cleaning performance. Single fluid can satisfy all cutting operations and is suitable for all kinds different processing and processing of stainless steel along and other very hard steel processing. It is less of oil mist, excellent surface treatment. It can reduce work loss, extend life of cutting tool. Very good formulation can enhance surface gloss of finished products, increase cutting rate, maintaining sharpness of tools and effectively preventing wear of tools. It is less in odor and not irritating to skin. It can reduce stock and reduce production costs.


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