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Quality testing – Water-based cutting fluid Quality Testing

Laboratory QC:

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Automatic Refractometer



This is for measuring refraction rate of liquid and solid sample in highly precision manner, conforms to ASTM D1218.

1. Constant temperature of measured sample 20.5℃

2. Test value of refraction rate (such as 14272)

3. Concentration measure (66.603% mas)

Thermo-insulating Box Test

%e6%81%86%e6%ba%ab%e7%ae%b1Water-based cutting fluid is changing with change of temperature. The thermo-insulating Box is mainly for simulating the weather conditions of Taiwan in Temperature to observe the change of cutting fluid due to change of temperature for adjusting the fluid so that the cutting fluid will be maintain in stable conditions without deterioration.







Antirust Test


Applying German DIN51360 Industrial Standard, this test method is for antirust feature of water soluble cooling lubricant (water-based cutting fluid)









pH / Temperature Testing Instrument


The instrument is for measuring water-based cutting fluid pH (before measuring sample of a lot, instrument shall be calibrated and after measuring 10 samples continuously, it shall be measured and calibrated again to ensure the stability)










Other equipment is increasing