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2-3最新消息-新聞公告3-照片HONLIH has been cultivating in the field of industrial lubrication fluid for 20 years. The founding partners Mr. Hong and Mr. Chang were mentor – apprentice in an oil distribution company in their youth. When they went into business together, they coordinated with each other in marketing and operation in one hand and production and distribution in the other hand. With the profound experience in the research, development and manufacturing of different kinds of lubricating fluid, and equipped with the most optimal automatic process equipment, they are not only capable to supply all kinds of high quality Metal Working fluid, equipment fluids, but also help customer in promoting quality, reducing cost and attain competition edge.

HONLIH has been endeavoring in promoting correct fluid application method and knowledge, providing timely and reliable sale and technical services and hence won the appreciation and reliance of users in many fields. HONLIH will maintain the business philosophy of “Honesty, trust, Innovation and Progressiveness”, with the sustainable service spirit and innovated techniques to offer sincere and devoted services for customers.


Company History

IN 1995 Hon Dai Oil Company Founded

IN 1998 Established HONLIH Enterprise and Built blending plant for production and development.

IN 2008 Certified as ISO 9001 Specialized Metal Procession Lubricating Fluid Factory

IN 2010 Built new plant to expand capacity in Yung Kang Technology Park, Tainan

IN 2013 Set up Taiwan HONLIH Fluids Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and is moving forward to the milestone of Entrepreneurial Operations

IN 2015 Building up No. 1 Local Brand Metal Cutting Fluid of Taiwan, and depicting new business curve.