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Product Information – Industrial Fluid

Slide Way Fluid

Comprised of highly refined high viscosity mineral oil and high adhesive additive and other special additive, this synthetic based lubricant can increase processing precision and protect system from corrosion and wearing. The product has excellent friction characteristics, it can reduce friction coefficient, and it has also excellent anti stick slip. Presently, it is used in the top-class equipment manufacturing of high precision parts who has critical needs of lubrication in slide way. The product is exactly developed for the needs of lubrication of such high level equipment.

Hydraulic Fluid

This high-quality lubricant is formulated with synthetic hydrogenated base raw oil and fused with most advanced additive techniques. It has tough oil film and hard to destroy. It has additives adds to resist rusting, oxidization, medium extreme pressure and anti-abrasion and anti bubbles. It has the characteristics of easy to separate with water. The advanced zinc-free and ash free formulate give the product with excellent performance. Working under demanding condition, this product is remarkable in the performance of power transmission. The product is widely used in hydraulic system with pressure under 5000 psi.

The performance complies with requirements under the following standards:

● DIN 51524 Part II





● Eaton (Vickers) M-2950- S

● Eaton (Vickers) I-286 S

Gear Oil

Made of highly refined base oil and unleaded additive, the product can endure high pressure and separate from water rapidly within wide range of temperature change. The oil is suitable for spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear and worm gear subject to heavy load and impact.

The gear oil complies with the requirements under the following

● U.S. Steel 224

● AGMA 250.04

● DIN 51517 PART 3

Spindle Oil

High speed spindle oil is applied widely in bearing, gear, hydraulic system and other operation conditions, is of wearing resistance class and contains anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives. This product is suitable for high speed load spindle, and allowing the heat generated from high speed spinning reduced to the minimum, and it can be used as shock absorber fluid and low viscosity, friction resistance hydraulic fluid.

Anti-Rust Oil

There are various categories of Anti-Rust Oil which have different effects and functions. Good antirust oil, after applying on metal, the oil film can protect metal surface from attack of acid, humidity and hazardous gas and therefore prevent corrosion and the surface will not be contaminated. On the other hand, low quality antirust oil does not have the advantages stated above, it adds trouble in surface treatment. Antirust oil may generally be divided into hard film, soft film, low viscosity, high viscosity and duration of antirust period. Selection of antirust oil may be base on machinery, in-process material, semi-products and precision parts and the nature of holding, in store, temporary custody, in process or packing for export.

Air Compressor Oil

The product has good heat stability, non-carbon slag generating and has very good anti-emulsification effect and can be minimize the emulsification resulted from humidity. The product has high viscosity index, low steam pressure and extremely high chemical stability, strong in anti-oxidation and long service hour without change frequently.