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Metal working fluid – Water-based metal working fluid

Providing consulting and provision of all kinds of cutting fluid, including water-based, oil-based, semi-synthetic, fully synthetics, micro-emulsified, emulsified and satisfying your needs of cutting fluid for all kinds of metal working.

Water-based metal working fluid



Unique biological feature, the product is chlorine-free biological water based metal working fluid and is almost design for all metal. It is applied for all metal working applications, such as turning, boring, drilling, shearing, broaching, tapping and grinding. With machine tool properly serviced, it provides very long oil tank life, longer than 6 months. In long use, it will not rotten, deteriorate, free or odor and the environmental friendly feature solve the annoying change of fluid and it provide best cooling for machinery and parts during metal working and it is good in interface smoothness and antirust function as well as washing / cleaning.


New generation fully-synthetic water soluble metal working fluid is specially designed for medium and heavy working of stainless steel and other steel, and it also suitable for many other metal working operations. Formulate for lubrication, moisture and antirust, the fluid has good ability in expelling miscellaneous oil and control contamination and can extend the service life and reduce the required service and maintenance. Carefully select the mild alkali contents of formula can ensure the operator’s acceptance and maintain safety and health. When best function required in cutting or grinding parts worked, careful selection increase greatly working efficiency.

Micro-Emulsifying Type

Containing high percentage of additive, the product has bacteria inhibiting, antirust and lubricating functions and is different from ordinary emulsify cutting fluid in their anti-rotten effect. It can bring much convenience to factory. When used in long time circulating of central system tank, it is highly stable and less likely to rotten and is not odor generating. Hard water is not bringing trouble to it that resulted separation of oil and water. It is quite stable and emulsifying effect is better and is better than the anti-oxidation effect of mineral oil.

Emulsifying type

Featured with high emulsification, high anti-hard water, the products allows for blending with water of 5000 ppm or higher water. High quality and high concentration water soluble metal cutting fluid with highly refined emulsification effect. This is specially recommended to use in the processing of magnesium, magnesium – aluminum alloy and others. Containing high quantity of additives, the product has good lubricating effect, antirust ability and bio-stability. Low bubbling, low oil mist good lubricating effect, the product is not irritation to skin. The product is biodegradable. It can apparently reduce the roughness of work surface and increase the precision of work piece. It resolved the problem that troubles factory to the highest extent. This is a high-tech product needed by all machinery factories and the amazing effect can save factories huge costs in tools and materials.

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