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Honlih is building No. 1 Brand of Metal Cutting Fluid in Taiwan

2016-05-16 10:36:37 Economic News, Zhang Jeh


Founded 20 years ago, HONLIH persisting in the entrepreneurial spirit of Sincere, trust, Innovation and Progressiveness, devoted in the research, development and manufacturing of water-based cutting fluid and is aiming on building No. 1 brand of Metal Cutting Fluid in Taiwan.

Provided by HONLIH

According to Brand Superintendent of HONLIH, in domestic market, the genuine manufacturer packed import metal working fluid accounted for 5 to 8 % market share, and the rest is produced locally. Under the competition of imported products, from Europe, USA and Japan plus local brands, HONLIH determined to specialize in water-based cutting fluid ever since its commencement of business operation, and with years of manufacturing experience and the manufacturing edge of Innovation, techniques and know-how, the Company markets under its own brand, HONLIH. Not only products and services are highly praised, the water-based cutting fluid (own brand and OEM) is one of top three as far as market share is concerned.

In recent years, with non-stop R & D and innovation, Honlih built a new plant in Yungkang Technology {ark in Tainan in 2015, where research and production centered was established, equipped with high caliber automatic process equipment and imported quality inspection instruments were installed. The equipment attracted many famous customers to commission OEM blending. Honlih also brought in cutting edge waster-based applied technological material from Germany and USA and successfully developed “High Hard Water Resistance, High Extreme Pressure Resistance, High Lubrication and Low Bubble NEW series bio-steady innovative. The serial products increased performance and efficiency of conventional semi-synthetic metal working fluid which also reduced the hazard posed to human body of disinfectant.

Brand Superintendent pointed out, cutting fluid market in Taiwan is in its matured period and in such limited market, the competition is very keen and that makes the importance of operating Brand even remarkable. Taiwan’s Honlih has been insisting in operating own brand since it was first founding, and believes that only pursuit of high quality, establishing brand of Taiwan and making differentiated quality brand can Honlih stand on own feet firmly with competitors watching around.  

He said, completion of development of NEW series bio-steady innovative product will lead the new trend of development of water-based cutting fluid in Taiwan and will catch up with the world quality level and open a new era of metal working industry in Taiwan. In the next 5 to 10 years, Honlih will target on the markets in Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

This article is quoted from UDN Finance and Economic Net /Business / Automation Industry