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Leading Brand Metal Working Fluid Specialized Manufacturer in Taiwan


2015, new plant inaugurated in Yung Kang Technology Park in Taiwan. The plant is equipped with high caliber and most optimized automatic processing equipment in imported quality inspection instruments. With the brand new equipment and techniques, HONLIH attracted OEM blending services offer from famous groups in Taiwan and overseas. IN the meantime, HONLIH did not stop in building own brand, where cutting edge water based applied technological materials were imported from Germany and USA and developed successfully “High hard water resistance, High extreme pressure resistance, High lubrication and Low bubble new type bio steady innovative products. The products improved greatly the performance and efficiency of conventional semi-synthetic produce and reduced hazard of disinfectant posed to human body. The products are leading a new trend of development of water-based cutting fluid in Taiwan and are helping Taiwan in catching up with the world quality level. In this way, HONLIH contribute to the metal working industry of Taiwan.