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Latest product news-HDS Machine Tool Slide Way Lube Oil

Taiwan Honlih introduced slide way fluid additive and developed HDS Slide Way Fluid was tested by Micro Nanometer Grinding and Lubricating Laboratory Team led by Dr. Ju Xiao-Yeh, Department of Machinery Engineering, Kunshan University of Technology and the results are

Basis:  4-Ball Extreme Pressure Test conducted per ASTM D4172 specifications.

Results: Diameters of Grinding Mark of 3 different samples- Imported Brand “M” 556 mm, HDS 673 mm and imported S brand 677 mm.

⦁ Wearing resistance in lubrication: Imported M brand > HDS> Imported S Brand

⦁ Excellent Friction Characteristics: It is found after test, HDS performance is indeed better than equivalent products of other brand, that it can not only lower the friction coefficient but also with very good stick-slip resistance performance.


Taiwan Honlih determines to build Made in Taiwan (MIT) home brand and keeps on introducing worldwide cutting edge material to produce world class product and matches with the cost advantages of Taiwan makers, Honlih is gradually expanding its global market share.